Safe Box Switzerland is a private, non-financial services entity that rents storage space for valuables in Colonia, Uruguay.

Every Bitcoin user faces the growing problem of securely. Unlike the banking system, there’s little recourse when things go wrong and little margin for error. Thefts and losses can be prevented, but they can’t be rolled back. Preventing catastrophic losses is the goal of bitcoin cold storage at Safe Box Switzerland.

With bitcoin going to the moon, more and more people have sizable crypto currency fortunes that need to be protected. Safe Box Switzerland understands cryptocurrencies like no other safe deposit box company in the world ....we can help you set up the right protocol to protect your bitcoins in the event of a catastrophic event such as the loss of your device or an Electro Magnetic Pulse that wipes out computer hard rives, smart phones and back discs all at once.

Methods of cold storage include keeping bitcoins:

  • On a USB drive or other data storage medium in a safe place
  • On a paper wallet
  • On a bearer item such as a physical bitcoin.
  • Use a offline Bitcoin Hardware wallet